We're adding a new segment to our newsletter, to help you get to know the people responsible for getting fresh Marshall beer to you! 

Next up to play 20 Questions is Tap Room Manager, Kyle Johnson

1.    Where were you born?
Blackwell, OK

2.    First craft beer?
Shiner Bock opened the door, but Sam Smith's Nut Brown Ale was the one that pushed me through.

3.    Favorite MBC beer?
Currently This Land Lager, but I'll be singing a different tune when Arrowhead Pale Ale gets released in May.

4.    Whisky or Wine?

5.    Favorite leisure time activity? Leisure time?
I'm not sure what that means...

6.     You are first to the brewery and can choose the music for the day. What's playing?
Gary Clark Jr

7.    Top 5 albums?
Right now, and in no particular order, because it would take me hours to decide...OutKast - Big Boi and Dre Present, OutkastFoo Fighters - One by OneThe Black Keys - ThickfreaknessPortugal the Man - WoodstockGary Clark Jr - Black & Blue

8.    Last purchase on iTunes?
Haven't used iTunes in years!

9.    Where have you been overseas? If so, where? if not where do you want to go?
I have never traveled overseas, but Germany is first on my list. Spain, Australia, Italy are all up there as well. My wife was able to travel quite a bit when she was younger, so beyond that I'll let her be my tour guide!

10. What's at the top of your bucket list?
On top of the travel mentioned above, there are some sporting events that I'd really like to see in person. NCAA Basketball Final Four, National Championship in Football, NBA Finals (preferably the one where the Thunder win it...)

11. What's the best advice you have ever been given?
"If you're going to make mistakes, make them at full speed". I always used that to remind myself that nobody is perfect, and things won't always go your way. But a mistake with maximum effort is better than one because you're standing still.

12. How often do you shave...your face?
Almost daily, I'm the resident baby face at the brewery. Just trying to break the stereotype that everyone at a brewery has to have facial hair.

13. Dogs or cats?
(Keep in mind any dog under 50 lbs is a cat) Dogs, no question!

14. If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be?
I ask my dog questions all the time, but she never answers me.

15. Favorite breakfast item?
Eggs Benedict

16. What do you like on pizza?
I am an equal opportunity pizza enthusiast. Just no olives, please.

17. Do you call or text your mom? Girlfriend?
On the average day, I'm a texter.

18. Favorite Movie Quote?
I can quote The Big Lebowski all day!

19. What celebrity/celebrities have you been told you look like?
Mathew Broderick and Adam Sandler.

20. What is your beauty secret?
Eat right, except when you don't feel like it, and drink plenty of beer.