In the second edition of #FavoriteBeerFriday we hear from Pub Talk Podcast's Jeremy Stunk. While we learning about Jeremy's favorite beer, we were humbled to learn that an intimate setting created by our own Cupid, Alex Gardner, helped to shape a lasting love.

What is your favorite Marshall beer and why?

If you had asked me to name my favorite Marshall beer a couple years ago, I'm almost certain I would have said Black Dolphin or maybe Big Jamoke. Make no mistake, I love those beers, and several others (I have to shout out Arrowhead Pale Ale too), but my favorite Marshall beer these days, and for the last couple of years, is Dunkel. I love the malty flavor and I love the "crushability". What I might love the most is when I have one in a social setting and it pours dark, there's always someone who says something about how they hate dark beer because it's too heavy, too strong, etc. Then I make them try Dunkel and change their world.

Do you recall your first time trying your favorite?

The first time I had a Marshall Dunkel was in the old taproom. I believe it was actually the first Saturday it was open past 4:00. I hadn't been dating my fiancé Heather very long at the time, and was picking her up from work for dinner when we decided to swing by the taproom for a few beers.
Word had not gotten out yet about the extended hours, and we were actually the only two patrons in the place. Alex was working the taproom that night and was kind enough to put on a music station we enjoyed, show us around the place a bit, and talk to us about the various beers.
I had consumed many Marshall beers at places like McNellies or in the comfort of my own home over the years but this was my first visit to the source. We did two flights and got an idea of all of the available beers that night, and I was taken by the dark color of the Dunkel coupled with it's light body and incredible flavor. I knew this was a beer I could drink year round and enjoy immensely. I had been looking for a new "session beer" - that beer I could have 2, 3, or 4 of and still have my wits about me, but still with the flavor and drinkability that I craved.
I was sad to learn that Dunkel was not being packaged at that time, but I did take home a 64oz Growler that night. Of course Dunkel ended up being packaged last year and I suppose the rest is history.

Where do you enjoy drinking your favorite Marshall beer?

I love drinking a Dunkel after mowing the yard or some other sweat-inducing activity at home, but for me there is just no better place to drink a Marshall beer than in the taproom. I have fond fuzzy memories of the old taproom because of that first experience there and everything that was going on in my life at the time. The shiny new taproom is my new favorite spot for a Dunkel, and you'll often see my face down at the bottom of the menu having checked one in on Untappd because I have a hard time leaving the taproom without one.

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