This week's installment features our friend, videographer and local artist, Tyler Huffman. We first met Tyler in 2012 as we were lucky to be the subject of a short film he produced - "In Taste We Trust."

Tyler's latest project is a collection of self-penned poems entitled "The Sunflower Stories." You can catch Tyler signing copies of "The Sunflower Stories" along with pop-up vendors; Okie Dope Soaps, Bobby Moore Art, Victoria Brady - March 7th at The Taproom at Marshall Brewing, 1742 E. 6TH ST, Tulsa, OK from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Pop-Up Shop: The Sunflower Stories & Okie Dope Soaps

When: March 7th - 5:00 - 8:00 PM

Where: The Taproom at Marshall Brewing

The Taproom at Marshall Brewing Company is hosting a one night pop-up shop event featuring The Sunflower Stories and Okie Dope Soaps. Come hang out, buy some soap,enjoy local craft beer, and enjoy a poetry reading from author Tyler Huffman's new book "The Sunflower Stories." There will be a limited beer on tap inspired by The Sunflower Stories as well as a special bar of soap from Okie Dope Soaps with the same inspiration. Tyler Huffman will also sign every copy purchased at the event!

Okie Dope Soaps is a local soap company which offers soaps made from natural ingredients that are good for your skin and good for you soul .

Revival Red Ale Cans - Spring 2019
What is your favorite Marshall beer and why?
Marshall Brewing Company has always had a close place to my heart. From the first time I noticed then at a Hideaway Pizza in Broken Arrow to being welcomed in behind the scenes over the past ten years to shoot documentary style videos with everyone at the brewery, Marshall beer basically runs in my veins. Picking a favorite is a hard task as I hardly ever grab the same one back to back. I'm a tourist of their beers and like to make sure I try them all. The one that sticks out most in my mind, however, is the Revival Red Ale. There's something special about it that just dances in my mouth and sings, "I'm a freakin' good beer!"

Do you recall your first time trying your favorite?
The first time I had Revival Red Ale was at the brewery when it was first released. It was one of those moments when you taste something and just know you have to have it again as soon as possible. I remember waiting for it to come back around and going to an event a Bar 46 (a nice tie in to the label design) where they had mixed it up with I believe blood red oranges. I could be wrong because I have tried so many of the variations and they were all so good.

Where do you enjoy drinking your favorite Marshall beer?
You can find me sitting on the patio of either The Hunt Club, Empire, or The Pint (Rest in Peace) on a great Spring or Summer day with a Marshall in my hand. Of course the Taproom is a key spot to enjoy it as well. There is just something uniquely special about sitting outside and looking at the city while enjoying something that was born from the hearts and souls of those who live here. In fact of of the most difficult times of my life was the two years I lived in San Francisco and there was no Marshall in sight. A true crime against humanity.