Guten Tag to all our Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa Volunteers for Marshall Brewing!

First let me start by saying THANK YOU! 2021 marks the eleventh year Marshall Brewing has participated in Tulsa Oktoberfest and we simply could not do it without your help. Many of you have volunteered for us in the past, many of you are volunteering for multiple shifts, and we have some new folks as well. We welcome you all this year to a new location. Our tent is located just off the main concourse to the southeast of Das Glockenspiel. The new location is not only closer to the action, but enlarged and floored. Below you will find information pertinent to volunteering in three sections. First, what to know as a Marshall volunteer. Second, information regarding our beers and activities at Tulsa Oktoberfest. Third, information directly from Tulsa Oktoberfest about how to get onsite and what you can and cannot bring. 

Marshall Volunteers

Arrival: A volunteer check-in booth is located at the Tulsa Oktoberfest entrance. Please be in our tent 15 minutes prior to your shift for briefing. (Info on shuttles included below)

You are a volunteer for Marshall Brewing and will likely be on a separate list at check-in than other Tulsa Oktoberfest volunteers. Be sure to inform the folks at checkin of this. DO NOT let anyone send you to any other location than the Marshall Stammtisch Zelt. This is often a concern for the busier evening shifts. 

Saleem Boone is our Tent Captain. Saleem has been the tent captain for the The Marshall Brewing Stammtisch Zelt for 6 years. He is the best in the business. You will report to Saleem once you are checked in ahead of your shift. He will give you specific instruction for IDs, pricing and handling transactions. Saleem works for Tulsa Oktoberfest. 

Eric Marshall and I will be onsite most of the time. We will be pouring alongside of you on the busiest evening shifts. However, for most other shifts, we will be in or around the tent answering questions for guests. Feel free to point any inquisitive guests our way. 

Marshall at Tulsa Oktoberfest

We have new additions to our draft lineup for 2021 including our Vienna Lager. Follow this link for The Ultimate Guide to Marshall at Tulsa Oktoberfest.

Volunteer Info From Tulsa Oktoberfest 

Thank you for Volunteering! Here is some helpful information we feel would be beneficial to help you make the most out of your volunteer experience, including how to get to the Festival and what to expect when you get here.

Volunteer Shuttle:

A special Volunteer Shuttle will be circulating from the Veterans Park area every 20 minutes or so, from the Veteran’s Park area near 18th and Main Street, as well as the Spirit Bank Parking lot to the north of 18th Street and S Baltimore Avenue.

Shuttles will begin on Wednesday and Thursday at 3:00 PM, on Friday and Saturday at 9:00 AM and on Sunday at 10:00 AM. It will finish its service one hour after the Festival closes each evening.

If you park in the Spirit Bank parking lot, please be prepared to show your volunteer information to the attendant. Parking at Veteran’s Park is limited; however, there is ample on-street parking throughout the area as well. Please be aware of any city parking meters that may be in effect during the time(s) you are going to be with us. Please do not attempt to park on the grass at Veteran’s Park.

Festival Shuttles:

The Festival runs an extensive shuttle system for the general public for free, from Oklahoma State University Tulsa (Greenwood Avenue), Trade Winds Hotel (Harvard and I-44), and the Walmart behind the Crown Plaza Hotel near 81st and Lewis Streets; however, please be aware the shuttle services for the general public to not begin until one hour before the event, and end one hour after the close of the event each evening.

The Downtown shuttles run every 5-10 minutes, and the south shuttles run every 20-30 minutes. Plan accordingly as time is needed for the shuttle to make its way back to the Festival site.

Please visit the following link to view a map and the many options we provide for you to get here:

Paid parking is available (limited capacity) near the festival grounds for $10.00 at the Skate Park, and $20.00 (enter from 21st Street off of Southwest Boulevard.

Your safety is our number one priority! We strive to make Linde Oktoberfest a fun and safe experience for everyone, which does mean there are certain rules that everyone must abide by. Most of these have to do with what is, and what is not, allowed into the event.

* All patrons and Volunteers entering the event will be subject to a thorough bag check and pat down for security at the gate.

* Anyone attempting to bring prohibited items into the event may be subject to anything from a simple disposal of the items before entry to a complete denial of entry.

* Anyone attempting to bring a weapon into the event will immediately be turned over to the Tulsa City Police, who work closely with us and our security team.


Check out our Golden Rules and Prohibited Items before you come!

Once you have passed through the bag check at the Front Gate, then proceed to the Volunteer Check-In Tent to get checked in for your shift and receive your Volunteer t-shirt!

Then, once your shift is complete, return to Volunteer Check-in to receive your Volunteer Pin and Beverage Token.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

We are so glad you’re going to be with us and we look forward to a great event!!

The Oktoberfest Volunteer Team!

Best Regards,

Wes Alexander
(918) 740-1434
Marshall Brewing
618 S. Wheeling Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74104