Keg Rentals & Policies

We do sell kegs direct to the public! We typically keep 2-4 different beers on hand in a 1/6bbl size, ready to pick up and walk out the door! Please inquire with your bartender about available kegs. These kegs do not require a reservation, they are first come first serve, subject to availability.

Special order keg requests should be directed to Kyle, our Tap Room Manager, for availability. The minimum required lead time on reservations is one week, so that we have a chance to get the keg filled and ready for you! -->


We will hold a $30 deposit for the Keg Shell, and a $40 deposit for a pump tap (if needed to dispense). Pump taps can only be provided during the purchase of a keg from us, we do not load out or sell extra taps. Once paid, your deposit can be rolled forward to another keg purchase or refunded upon return.

Kegs purchased from another source (Liquor Store, etc.) cannot be returned to the Tap Room for the deposit. Those must go back to their original point of purchase, per Oklahoma Law, to refund your initial deposit.

Deposits (when returned) will be refunded onto the purchasers Credit Card for up to 120 Days. Our system does not allow us to refund a transaction after 120 days, so after that time the deposit will be returned via a Tap Room Gift Card.