Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!

Our summer seasonal, Arrowhead Pale Ale is now available at your favorite retailer.Arrowhead Pale Ale aims to quench the thirst of hot summer afternoons and warm evenings. Arrowhead is an American pale ale crafted to provide refreshment as a lighter, highly quaffable ale complimented by unique aromatic citrus notes that both tickle the nose and enliven the palate. Complexity, balance, and softness make Arrowhead Pale Ale a ridiculously easy drinking summer seasonal.



IBU (Bitterness)



You will find endless options for pairing with dishes that are light in intensity and matched with citrus components.

  • Citrus vinaigrettes
  • Roasted chicken scented with lemon and rosemary
  • Grilled maple-glazed salmon
  • Soft tangy goat chee

Cheers and stay safe,

Your friends at Marshall Brewing