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In this week’s installment of Favorite Beer Friday, we visit with Laura Aufleger, President of OnCue. As President she is involved in all marketing, community relations, operations and real estate development. One thing that has always run deep in her family’s roots is their passion for beer. Laura and her father, CEO of OnCue, Jim Griffith have been influencers in bringing Oklahoma craft beer to the convenience market. They provide support to the Oklahoma craft beer market not only by carrying an increasing selection of Oklahoma craft beer in their stores, but by supporting educational opportunities like the Craft Beer Forum of Oklahoma held at Oklahoma State University.  For more information on OnCue visit

What is your favorite Marshall beer and why?

I was initially drawn to This Land Lager based on the visual appeal of the can. OnCue is an Oklahoma grown and based company, so seeing this can resonate strongly with our own roots, which made me want to see what this brew was all about! The state, the buffalo, the font style on the can--everything about it screamed Oklahoma. I love how crisp, clean, and easy drinking this beer is! I’m not a huge over the top hops fanatic so this beer had just the right amount of bitterness for me. I enjoyed the fuller, sweet, breadiness that it provides over a typical light lager.

Do you recall your first time trying your favorite?

We were fortunate enough to be able to try it first with “the Godfather,” Wes Alexander during a product testing to determine if This Land was to be placed in our Oklahoma City locations. It was a resounding yes from the feedback of our taste testers! We were so excited to add this beer to our retail lineup as we continue to expand our Oklahoma craft beer options. With Marshall being one of the oldest breweries in Oklahoma we knew with This Land it was love at first sip.

Where do you enjoy drinking your favorite Marshall beer?

Now that This Land is in a majority of our OnCue’s in Oklahoma City, it makes it much easier for me able to grab some on the way home when I’m doing store visits. We like to enjoy This Land on our back patio with friends or take some up to the lake. I love the versatility of how it goes with so many different foods, and I particularly like it when we grill brats or hot dogs on a hot summer evening.