In our inaugural edition of "Favorite Beer Friday," a series that ask folks about their favorite Marshall beer, we hear from Wes Alexander, Director of Sales & Marketing. Often wordy, Wes advises, "Why use five words when you can use 100. Also, no one, really knows where commas, go?!"

"My favorite beer is Big Jamoke Porter for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the complexity of flavor is both exciting and comforting. Secondly, the beautiful fluffy tan head that floats atop Big Jamoke is irresistible. As a lover of dark chocolate, I recall my first taste with the explosion of cocoa, deep rich chocolate and coffee tones pure euphoria for my palate. Other reasons include the story behind the name. We had been working on names for our winter seasonal for sometime. The main problem that arises in the naming of a beer is that the best names have been rightfully taken by our forefathers in the craft beer industry. After weeks of brain wracking, Eric Marshall brought to the brewery a black and white photo of a pilot waving from the side window of a B-25 Bomber, circa WW II. That pilot was Eric's grandfather. The name of his plane, Big Jamoke. A unique name representative of family history and curious etomology presented itself. If your curiosity persisits, use your web browser and find the meaning behind what I deem a 'deregatory term of endearment.'

Pausing for a breath and a sip, Alexander continues, "We released Big Jamoke Porter in the fall of 2009. Chef Erik Reynolds of SMOKE. Woodfire Grill hosted a beer dinner with several of our beers and shocked everyone with his brillant finale' - Big Jamoke Shake. A decandent combination of two of my favorite indulgences, the Big Jamoke Shake showcased the chocolate and coffee profile of the beer while softening the roasted bitterness with the sweetness of chocolate and caramel ice cream. In a word, HEAVEN."

"If you haven't made a Big Jamoke shake, do so immediately. Luckily Big Jamoke Porter comes in 6 packs, practically begging for experimentation. Some other uses I have personally tried: 1) Big Jamoke braised beef short ribs 2) Big Jamoke chili 3) Big Jamoke Fudge Cake or brownies. "

Big Jamoke is an American Robust Porter named for the B-25 that Brewmaster Eric Marshall’s grandfather flew in WW II. A blend of five malts from Munich to Chocolate provide a deep mahogany color and aroma of toffee and roasted coffee. On the palate this beer is full-bodied with hints of bittersweet chocolate and toffee while finishing smooth and dry from the addition of earthy hops. Suggested pairings: Brie or other earthy cheese, ham, barbeque, smoked meats, and any bittersweet chocolate dessert such as espresso flavored lava cake. ABV – 6.8%. IBU – 55.