Big Jamoke Coffee

American Robust Porter
Big Jamoke Coffee

Big Jamoke Coffee

American Robust Porter

Big Jamoke Coffee, is a collaboration with our friends at Topeca Coffee Roasters, which was born out of mutual respect for each others craft. We have always said it takes plenty of coffee to make good beer! Fortunately for us, our friends at Topeca have a reciprocal feeling to- wards craft beer. We have long admired their passion for great coffee and feel we are kindred spirits with regard to the way we are both diligently dedicated to our crafts. The full bodied Robust Porter offers a deep rich baseline of bittersweet chocolate and toffee tones which highlight the depth and complexity of the world class coffee roasted right here in Tulsa. Our intention is to revisit this collaboration every year and select the best coffee in order to diligently craft a great brew for all the coffee and beer lovers out there. Cheers to great friends, exceptional coffee, and craft beer! To learn more about Topeca Coffee Roasters please visit their website This year's selection is the Chwele Peaberry, a Kenyan bean that features notes of blackcurrant and pomegranate which carries through in the taste with a balance roasty character and pleasing acidity that highlights the complex bittersweet tones of the Big Jamoke Porter.

IBU (Bitterness)
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