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At Marshall Brewing Company, we feel a true connection to our community. After all, our brand has grown through the support of our community since traditional beer marketing methods are not available to small craft brewers. As such, we continually search for opportunities to be responsible community members.

Spent Grain

A brewer cleaning out the mash  tun

Perhaps the largest volume of recycled or re-purposed material at our brewery comes from spent grain. One batch of Marshall beer is roughly 600 gallons of finished product. One batch of Sundown Wheat for instance requires 800lbs of wheat, malted barley, and flaked oats as base ingredients.

Once the sugary goodness has been removed from the grain, it has no further value at the brewery. However, it still has nutritive properties. Although not nutritious enough to be considered a high quality cattle feed, spent grain is used as a feed extender. Rather than dispose of the spent grain in local landfills, we have found a better use for it.

Bristow, OK based rancher Cody Beach of DM Beach, visits the brewery at least twice weekly to load 80 gallon barrels filled with spent grain from the brewing process.

An average of 6,000 lbs

of spent grain makes its way to rancher Cody Beach's local cattle each week to provide sustenance and nutrition.
Hand Crafted in Tulsa

Collectively we can make a difference.

Next time you are enjoying a locally crafted Marshall beer, perhaps you will be inspired to do a little recycling at your home or office! Feel free to return the case trays, as we re-use or recycle them.